Kosher food in Finland

2022-06 Kosher information

Fish: You can buy any raw fish that has fins and scales. You have to make sure that there is a bit of skin with the scales on the fish. Salmon without skin is kosher. Smoked Salmon is also kosher as long as it doesn’t have any additives besides sugar or salt. If you buy fresh fish you need to wash it with cold water at home before using it. 

Meat: There are kosher meat products in Helsinki Kamppi K-Supermarket in the frozen section close to the fresh fish and meat. In Turku, You can find kosher meat in  K-Supermarket Manhattan City.  

Chocolate: There is kosher chocolate by name ”Benjamissimo” chocolate with kosher symbols of KLBD in Kamppi K-Supermarket in the vegan chocolate section close to the potato chips. Out of the Finnish chocolates Fazer blue (Fazerin sininen) regardless of form (block, single packed etc). is kosher dairy (chalav nochri).  

Other candy: Fazer Vihreät Kuulat – green fruit marmalade jellies, are also kosher parve. 

Milk products: There is a kosher gouda hard cheese in Helsinki Kamppi K-Supermarket. Finnish natural yoghurt and pure milk is kosher (chalav nochri) regardless of brand name. 

Other: Alpro oat milk, Alpro almond milk, Alpro yogurt vanilla and chocolate flavors are all kosher parve. 

Fruit juices: Kosher unless they contain grape juice. Elisha kosher grape juice is available in Kamppi K-supermarket.  

Canned tuna: John West Canned tuna all types. 

Unflavoured rice or pasta, flour and oil are always kosher. 

Cereals: In Kellog’s cereal products look for MK stamp. 

Baked beans: Unflavored baked beans are kosher. 

Coffee and tea are always kosher. 

Kosher stores and services in Finland

Kosher products in Finland can be bought and ordered from the following companies and online stores

Avi Catering Oy

Providing quality kosher food and catering services.

Orders and contact details
+358 400 488 982

Baba Foods Oy

Specialized in Eastern Mediterranean salads and spreads.

Orders and contact details
+359 44 2000822

Ian’s Mart

Web store which sells kosher meat and other kosher food items.

Contact details
+358 40 754 7768

K-supermarket Kamppi, Helsinki & K-supermarket Manhattan City, Turku

In Helsinki: Located in the Kamppi shopping mall main entrance floor. Address Urho Kekkosenkatu 1 A 24, Helsinki.