Support Jewish cultural heritage in Finland


Support Jewish cultural heritage in Finland

Paypal-payment is now possible.

The conditions of the Jewish Community of Helsinki's fundraising permit no. RA/2019/438, issued by the National Police Board of Finland:

The gathered funds can be used to promote Jewish culture and cultural heritage (upkeep of library, club activities, youth activities and the organization of concerts and seminar weekends as well as organizing events connected to Jewish tradition). The gathered funds can also be used for the renovation of the synagogue, and the improvement of the security infrastructure of Community premises. 

In addition, the funds can also be used for security at events organized by the Jewish Community of Helsinki, most of which are held at the Community Center at Malminkatu 26, Helsinki. The purpose of these events is to support Jewish cultural life in Finland.

The permit is valid until 31.3.2021 in all of Finland excluding the Åland Islands.

You can also donate directly into the community's Nordea bank account. IBAN: FI07 1844 3000 0078 82. Bic-code NDEAFIHH. Thank you for your support!

You can choose from the following reference numbers:

  1. Synagogue building restoration, reference no. 110110
  2. Security, reference no. 1818
  3. Jewish culture, reference no. 4446
  4. Children and youth, reference no. 5555